Some Myths & Facts About Raccoon and Skunk

Some Myths & Facts About Raccoon and Skunk

Raccoon and skunk are the wild animals which you will enjoy watching in the zoo and not in your home. They not only do damage to your property but also carry a lot of diseases which can make you ill. One should call the professionals at the earliest for their removal, as more they stay in your property, more would be the damage done. These both creatures pose a great risk to you and your family.

It is important that we have correct information about them, in case we need to deal with them. So, don’t listen to any myths regarding them, rather trust the professional advice!

Raccoon Myth & Facts:-

Myth- They come out in the daytime only.
Fact-Although, they are mostly active during the night but you can’t predict their presence in the daytime also. They may come for food or looking after babies.

Myth- They don’t have salivary glands.
Fact-No, they have the salivary glands and a lot of saliva also!

Myth-All of them have rabies.
Fact-Not all but yes, some of them do have rabies.

Myth-They hibernate during winter season.
Fact-No, it is not like that. They decrease the hibernation but not stop it completely.

Myth-They are members of the rodent family.
Fact-No, they are not members of Rodent but Procyonidae family.

Myth-They eat cats.
Fact-No, they don’t eat cats but can definitely kill one.

Myth-They don’t have emotions.
Fact-Yes! They do have but you might not see anything except fear and anger.

Myth-They can be adopted as pets.
Fact-No! Raccoons don’t make good pets. They are very difficult to take care of. They can cause damage to your property and even harm your pets or any of your family member. Apart from this they are carriers of a lot of diseases, which are harmful for your health.

Skunk Myths & Facts

Myth-Skunk are harmless and should be left alone.
Fact- Skunks have the ability to build shelter for themselves and reproduce there. Leaving them free would be inviting a whole society of skunks.

Myth-Skunks just smell bad and are not harmful.
Fact-Skunks carry a lot of diseases including rabies.

Myth-Tomato juice helps in getting rid of skunk odor.
Fact-No, tomato juice has nothing to do with skunk smell.

Myth-You can never get rid of skunk odor.
Fact-False! There are a lot of home and professional remedies to get rid of the skunk odor.

The above myths are busted and we know, you still have a lot of questions to ask. Just give us a call and our team will clear all your doubts!

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