About North Bay Wildlife

North Bay Wildlife provides professional raccoon, squirrel, skunk and porcupine removal and control services in North Bay and its surrounding areas. Our professionals employ animal removal techniques that are environmentally sound and ecologically responsible. We draw on years of experience offering quality, humane animal management services for homes and business. Our wildlife removal experts in North Bay are trained to handle any type of animal(s) that are disrupting your daily operations.

North Bay Wildlife has built its reputation over the years by delivering fast, friendly, and effective solutions. We care about our customers and, about the wildlife animals as well. That’s why we ensure to treat and remove the animals in the most humane way possible. Our services are designed to be effective and dependable while preserving harmony with the wildlife that surrounds us.

Our certified animal control technician is all set to help you.

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Our Mission

At North Bay Wildlife, our goal is to be the leader in the animal control industry in North Bay and its surrounding areas. We strive to provide the best and effective animal control services at a fair price. We always keep our wildlife removal technicians informed about the latest animal removal techniques and equipments.

What you can expect from our experts

  • We will meticulously inspect your entire place to determine points of entry, assess damage, and identify the problem species.
  • Our professionals will install all the necessary traps and hardware to safely trap or remove the animal from your property.
  • Don’t worry about the animal, we promise to release it at a safe place far from your home in a humane manner.
  • Once the animal is eliminated, structural reinforcement is necessary to prevent further intrusions.
  • Follow-up inspection by our wildlife technician to ensure an uncontaminated and animal-proof environment.
  • If the wildlife animal has caused any damage to your property, don’t worry, we will also repair that. Our professionals also undertake repair and minor construction job once the animal is removed humanely.

North Bay Wildlife is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service while keeping the entire experience stress free. We hire well trained, honest and courteous employees to meet all of your wildlife needs.

We are proud to serve our effective animal removal services in the following areas:

  • North Bay, Ontario
  • Huntsville, Ontario
  • Sturgeon Falls, On
  • Powassan, On
  • Sundridge, On
  • Callander, On
  • Burks Falls, On
  • Port Loring, On
  • Corbeil, On
  • Trout Lake, On
  • South River, On
  • Restoulle, On

Contact us if you have any questions about our company or our wildlife removal techniques.

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