Professional Porcupine Removal & Control Services in North Bay, On

Porcupine Removal & Control Services

Porcupines are popular for their sharp quills and are found throughout the various regions in North Bay. They are active year-round and can cause a lot of damage by girdling trees. They often enter residential areas and pose a serious threat to pets and other animals due to their quills. They dig holes throughout yards in search for food and can chew on almost everything. These little beasts can cause extensive damage to your property if not controlled.

At North Bay Wildlife, our professionals specialize in porcupine removal and control services. We have the education, equipment and skills necessary to effectively address a porcupine problem. We will first assess your entire place to identify the hidden areas and the potential entry points. Since we also provide minor construction and repair jobs, our technicians will also inspect the property for any damages caused by porcupine(s). The time you discuss your wildlife problem with us, it becomes our problem. And we strive hard to prevent our problem in a timely and effective manner.

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Porcupine Damage

Porcupines can damage/devour all the fruits, vegetables and other plants in your garden. Furthermore, they do also pose a serious threat for pets, especially dogs. However, the damage can be reduced or prevented by employing effective wildlife removal solutions. Our adroit professionals are equipped with the latest tools and techniques required to rid you of your unwanted guests. Our humane animal removal approach allows us to trap and relocate the animal safely.

Nuisance Concerns:

  • Living under decks, porches, and foliage around the property
  • Pet/ porcupine conflicts
  • Damage to trees and foliage
  • Porcupines find the mineral content of some of the tools, aluminum oars, wooden structures, car tires, and leather, attractive. Thus, they often get into the residential or commercial properties in search of these things.

Removal Exclusion & Restoration:

Generally, it is difficult to catch this animal unless it is near its den. They mostly prefer spaces under structures such as decks, porches and shed. An effective solution is required to capture and remove the animal and also to prevent future intrusion. At North Bay Wildlife, our professionals implement a variety of techniques to eliminate porcupines from your area. One of the most effective technique we implement is live trapping. In this technique, we safely trap the animal and relocate it to the other area far from your residence.

We are proud to serve our effective animal removal services in the following areas:

  • North Bay, Ontario
  • Huntsville, Ontario
  • Sturgeon Falls, On
  • Powassan, On
  • Sundridge, On
  • Callander, On
  • Burks Falls, On
  • Port Loring, On
  • Corbeil, On
  • Trout Lake, On
  • South River, On
  • Restoulle, On

No animal removal job is too big or too small for us. Just give us a call to feel the difference!

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