Safe Skunk Removal Services in North Bay

Skunk Removal Services

Skunks are considered to be the most aggravating and furry menaces North Bay residents can ever have to endure. When you encounter them, they will spray their putrid scent all over you and at the place. They stink, and threaten pets and children. They often venture close to residential spaces to forage for food. If you find a skunk in your home, don’t panic, just give us a call. At North Bay Wildlife, our experts specialize in skunk removal and control services. Our professionals use live trapping method to eliminate skunk from your premises.

We do trapping, exclusion, odor control, and preventative techniques to skunk-proof your home or business. Our skunk exclusion process comes with a warranty to provide you an assurance that your property will remain skunk free for a long time. Skunks are carriers of various diseases that can infect both humans and pets. So, as soon as you see a skunk wandering around your premises, make sure you call our experts for animal removal services.

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Inspection & Assessment

Complete building inspection

Our professionals will meticulously assess your entire house or building. This comprehensive audit is necessary to identify the entry points and potential entry points of skunks. We will also check the damages caused by skunks in your property. After complete assessment, we will execute our effective skunk removal solution to get them off your property.

Signs of digging and burrowing

Our skunk removal experts in North Bay will look for signs of digging and burrowing around your house or building. Disturbed gardens and lawns are also indicative of skunk activity.

Den location

Our skunk removal technicians in North Bay will assess the location of the skunks’ den and continue by determining the most suitable technique of removal.

Skunk Removal

We are a team of trained technicians who employ a variety of methods to prevent skunks from your premises. We always use humane trapping methods, and exclusion to rid you of these little beasts. Our professionals utilize time tested methods for wildlife control and removal.

Once the skunk is removed from your property, our professionals will install heavy gauge screening under your porch, deck and foundation to block all the potential re-entry points. We are confident about our skunk removal procedures and ensure to deliver desired results in less time. Our experts also give you additional tips for further preventative measures.

Clean up/ Remediation

Many clients experience lingering odors even after skunk is successfully removed. We offer a chemical disinfection to sanitize your entire area. This will alleviate the odor and prevent other curious wildlife from investigating. If you are in need of minor construction and repair jobs, we will also do that for you. We will not leave your space until you are completely satisfied with our services.

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