Professional Squirrel Removal Services in North Bay & Surrounding Areas

Squirrel Removal Services

Are you in need of squirrel removal services in North Bay or its surrounding areas? Do you hear animals running around your attic every morning and evening? If so, you surely have squirrels in your home storing food for the winter months, nibbling at your homes’ wiring, insulation, soffits and roof.

North Bay Wildlife is becoming a household name when it comes to the humane eviction of squirrels. Our animal control services are customized to meet your specific needs. Our squirrel removal technicians in North Bay hold years of experience and can easily identify the entry points as well as potential problematic areas of your home or building. We will install our one way door systems for safe and efficient removal of squirrels from your premises. We make sure that these unwanted guests never show up again and relocate to an alternate location. If there is any damage caused by the squirrels, rest easy, we will repair it for you.

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Squirrel Problems & Damage

Squirrels may appear cute and innocent, but they can cause extensive damage to your property. Furthermore, their capabilities to chew through electrical wires pose a serious fire risk to you and other occupants.

Squirrels prefer roof spaces to build their nests. This poses a potential threat to your property’s insulation and electrical wiring, moreover, squirrel infestations also create a lot of nuisance.

Our Methods of Squirrel Removal:

Squirrels are known to invade homes and buildings in North Bay, On for nesting, food and shelter. Squirrels more often use attics for their dens and every year has two litters. If squirrels are not prevented from the home immediately, they can turn out to be a serious issue.

Our squirrel removal experts use the most effective and efficient means to remove these critters. We will set traps to catch squirrels around your home or business. Our one way traps are configured at the entry point and the moment squirrels leave the home or building, the trap will not let them get in again. Our professionals can also safely trap the squirrels and relocate them to other areas of the wild.

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We are proud to serve our top-notch animal removal services in the following areas:

  • North Bay, Ontario
  • Huntsville, Ontario
  • Sturgeon Falls, On
  • Powassan, On
  • Sundridge, On
  • Callander, On
  • Burks Falls, On
  • Port Loring, On
  • Corbeil, On
  • Trout Lake, On
  • South River, On
  • Restoulle, On

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